Different families have different needs so resources available through Family Centers range from food and diapers to housing assistance and job training.

Access resources

At Family Centers, there are a lot of activities kids, parents, and caregivers of all ages can take part in. Activities for infants and toddlers encourage them to explore and learn new things and preschoolers get prepared for their Kindergarten classrooms. We know parents need support too so there are classes and group activities tailored to parents with children up to 18 years of age.

Sometimes it is hard to get to a Family Center. In those situations, home visiting is an option for pregnant women and families with infants and toddlers. There are others that care for kids in our communities who are not necessarily parents, so we offer leadership development and advocacy training for them.



No two families are alike so the kind of help offered at Family Centers is wide-ranging. The best first step is to check the Basic Services list to see if a service is listed at a center close by. Or you can contact a Center near you to find out what services are available. If that Center does not offer what you need, we’ll link you with other resources in the community.

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Childcare/Early Learning

  • Tummy time
  • Toddler and preschool activities
  • Storytimes and library services
  • Connection to childcare providers and childcare subsidy

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  • Home visiting
  • Parent Cafe
  • Fatherhood groups
  • Grandparent groups
  • Parent councils

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  • Housing navigator
  • Transportation
  • Food & WIC
  • Diapers
  • Clothing
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Budgeting/financial literacy
  • Computer, printer, copier & fax access

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Physical & Behavioral Health

  • Medical and dental clinics
  • Developmental screenings for kids
  • Mental health support
  • Drug and alcohol counselors



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Employment & Education

  • GED programs & resources
  • Employment assistance
  • Leadership development

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  • Family Fun Nights
  • Field trips
  • Peer social groups for parents & children

We know that fall and winter months bring colder temperatures and less opportunities for families to get out and play. Some centers near you are now offering "drop-in" play time. Check with your local center for specific times when you can drop in and play or look for times available on the Events page!

Make connections

Healthy connections are necessary for families and communities to thrive. Family Centers offer play groups for newborns and children up to five years of age, family-centered activities and social events for caregivers. Check our Facebook page for more information.

Your neighborhood Family Center is ready and waiting for you and your child to walk through the door and get started.